Only Our Hearts


Samukazahn says:
"Only Our Hearts" (Capo: 3rd. fret) ____Intro: Gmaj7 Aaug F#m7 Baug D/E E9 Em7 F#m ____Verse: 1 Em9 F#7 D6 E7 If on__ly my love was here__ Em7 Gmaj7 F# D Bm7 I'd be__ta__king__the time__to feel___it___ Em7 F#7 Bm7 E7 washing o__ver my bo__dy and soul___ Em7 Gm A6 D6 Bm7 if on__ly my love, on__ly my love__was here__ ____Verse: 2 C#m7/b5 F#7 Bm7 C#m I wish that my heart.

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